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Zen in the Art of Bodybuilding

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by Peter Lindsay

An inspirational journey that brings together the world of professional bodybuilding and intensive martial arts training.


What do the winner of the Mr Australia bodybuilding competition, and a humble student at a Japanese aikido dojo have in common? They’re both Peter Lindsay. From filming a movie with Chuck Norris to taking a Native American spiritual retreat in New Mexico, from training in California to meditating in Osaka,let Peter take you on a journey that melds the worlds of competitive bodybuilding and intensive martial arts training into one seamless whole. His journey,into the realisation of balance within the self, and being truly in the moment, body and spirit.

Peter Lindsay has won every junior title available in Australia, as well as the open Mr Australia bodybuilding competition. He has acted on stage and screen, and studied aikido in Steven Seagal’s dojo. He brings his life of experiences in these and other amazing areas to the page in Zen in the Art of Bodybuilding.

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